Moving Sale    

We had our moving sale yesterday and today. I was thinking of it as a necessary evil since we had so much stuff we needed to get rid of. The funny thing is that I ended up finding the whole event rather interesting. We began setting up at 8 AM for a sale that was supposed to begin at 9. Almost immediately vans and trucks screeched to a halt in front of our driveway and we were bombarded with questions about the cost of the items. We frantically fielded questions and sold items, simultaneously trying to arrange items and put prices on things. Several of the customers only spoke Spanish so I was able to practice my Spanish (though mostly numbers). We also finally met some of our neighbors. There is a couple across the street who I've kind of wanted to meet but never gotten the guts to just walk over and say, "hi." They came over. R was able to talk to them but I was talking to a customer. I met several other people in the neighborhood. There were a few musicians and a couple guys who I think were just bored and killing time. There was a guy with a chihuahua who came by several times and bought different things. And a woman from Mexico who told me about butterflies in Oaxaca.


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