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No, Mother, I'm tired of this swimming, I want to set out and see what's happening elsewhere. Maybe you think someone taught me these ideas but believe me, I've had these thoughts for a long time. Of course, I've learned many things here and there. For instance, I know that when most fish get old, they complain about everything. I want to know if life is simply for circling around in a small place until you become old and nothing else, or is there another way to live in the world?

-From "The Little Black Fish" by Samad Behrangi (translation to English from

Rowshan came up with the name for our blog a few weeks ago: The Little Black Fish. The Little Black Fish is a story by Samad Behrangi, a famous Azeri writer from Tabriz/Iran. The story is about a little black fish who leaves her pond because she wants to explore the world. On the way she meets various characters: some wise, some foolish, some kind, some dangerous. I read the story online and agreed it was a wonderful story and so we've adopted The Little Black Fish as our RTW trip mascot.

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Mark A. Sampson - posted on 8/9/2007
TnR--All the best to you for your wonderful adventure. As one sailor will say to another upon his or her departure: Fair winds and following seas. Mk

Arash Tadbiri - posted on 8/15/2007
Good luck to you two little black fish. Keep us posted and I will follow you. Do not forget to put some photos in your blog. Hope you hav'nt sold your camera!!

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