Our Friends ROCK!!!!    

Image for Entry 1188591557 We are still in the US but at least weve made it to the plane to Lima. Its been a hectic week as we rushed to finish everything. Im just begining to feel relaxed now as the plane starts to move. In the past few weeks Ive been amazed by how wonderful our friends are. Weve had so many offers of help and been granted so many favors I dont know how we could ever repay everyone. Everyone has been so kind that we may just have to come back to San Diego to live so we can all hang out more. We will miss you all and I hope to meet up with some of you in interesting, exotic countries. One thing I love about travel is it makes the world smaller so even though we may be in a far off country we will continue to be close through beautiful threads of relationships. I hope through our travels, the wonderful people we know in the US will be connected to the wonderful people we meet while traveling.

Note: Thanks to Ava for taking our picture at the airport


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ebeth - posted on 9/4/2007
Miss you already!

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