Some Cool Things We´ve Found in Lima    

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  • Cafe Italiano: on Avenida Jose Larco at Gonzales in Miraflores.
    We have been here every day so Rowshan can get his coffee and I can get their wonderful hot chocolate.
  • K'antu: Av Grau in Barranco. Free trade gifts, coffee and tourism. This is another nice cafe.
  • Evening walk up Jiron de Union to Plaza de Armas over to the river: This seems to be really popular among Limenos. It is a nice way to end the day. By the river there is a market with lots of folkloric stuff and a stage with musicians
  • Papas Rellenas: We love the papa rellena seller in front of a restaurant across from the Parque de la Cultura on Arequipa (about a block down from the top of the park). 30 cents will buy 2 hot yummy fried mashed potatoes
  • The Bird Walk: This isn't really what it is called but it is a serene path in San Ysidro which is about a block away from busy Camino Real on Choquehuaca. Along the path are signs about all the different birds in the area.
  • The Music Stores and Workshops in the Plaza 2 de Mayo.

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Kel - posted on 9/5/2007
Yes! Keep telling me about the food! Hot pudding chocolate and fried mashed potatoes! I heard the Peruvian potato dishes were Fab!

Ava - posted on 9/7/2007
It's so good to read your blog Tamia. You guys have really hit the ground running! Happily looking forward to more.

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