Leaving Pisco    

We are back in Lima. We decided to leave Pisco on Saturday instead of Monday since I'd been sick on Friday and both Rowshan and I needed a clean place with hot showers to recupperate.

All in all, it was a very good experiences, though short. In a week we helped clear 8 lots as well as helped tear down a few unstable walls and ceilings. Rowshan spent a day assisting a group from France, Terre des Hommes. They moved a water sanitation system

and installed another toilet in a 200 person camp which only had one toilet

(and we were going crazy with 2 toilets for 25 people!) Rowshan also helped with a beach cleanup on the day I was sick.

At the house, Rowshan came up with the idea of heating water on the fire (using scrap wood we salvaged from some of the sites) so everyone could have a hot bucket shower.

The fire pit was an old broken concrete pipe that Rowshan, Tim and Jeff salvaged from the dumping grounds on the beach
Originally they found a metal drawer but somehow a member of the Earthquake Mafia had given himself the right to sell the metal items in the dump so they found the concrete pipe which worked better anyway.

Both Rowshan and I are really glad we did volunteered with Hands On. Even though the work was hard, it was great to see that even without experience in disaster response, we could still help people.

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