Image for Entry 1198847920 Some people have suggested that we spend way too much time on line to be really traveling. I thought I'd just give a couple of examples on why we have time to hang out in Internet cafes. As the bus pulled into Resistencia, I hoped we hadn't gotten there yet. It was flat and uninteresting looking. We caught a bus to the center. It had lots of stores and modern buildings. The main plaza was large with lots of trees and I noticed a few of Resistencia's 344 sculptures. After an unsuccessful attempt at finding a hotel, we went back to the station, stored our bags and bought tickets to Puerto Iguazu for that night. We had 12 hours to kill. Back in town we walked around, practiced music in a park for a bit until it started to pour. Grown-ups huddled under the roofs of crafts booths but some boys had a blast swinging in the rain while splashing their feet in the mud puddles with every pass. Then they switched to a new game involving sliding through mud puddles creating huge waves of muddy water.

Mud Puddle Party

The rain didn't let up so we fled into an Internet cafe where we stayed on line until the rain stopped... it is cheaper than buying coffee so we can hang out in a cafe. Other on line opportunities present themselves because we aren't big on night life and we don't take siestas like people seem to do here. Sometimes we have time we need to kill before catching a bus somewhere... or we've spent the morning doing something exhausting and need to veg out for a while. Anyway, Resistencia was a disappointment. Sometimes things like that happen. Salta on the other hand, was a pleasant surprise.

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