First Look at Fes    

Image for Entry 1204891834 We are staying in the New Town part of Fes, which was built by the French. It is fairly modern with lots of cafes. In the early evening we walked up the main street, a pretty thoroughfare with palm trees and fountains running down the middle. We noticed barricades, a large number of police, and some very cool drum and zurna music.

There were several music groups playing but the one we were attracted by had drummers who spun their drums and danced.

We watched for a bit then found a policeman who told us the king would be arriving for a visit soon. We continued down the street passing the palace whose restored gates shown gold and silver in the sun.

We didn't make it to the Old Old Town but rather got distracted by the Old New town, an are filled with sellers, good smelling food from street vendors, and lovely walls lit up gold against the deep blue dusk sky.

At one point, a wedding procession passed by with music played on drums, zurnas, and long horns.

We finally reached the main square where vendors were cleaning up their wares. At this point we turned back to get dinner in the new town. We passed up on dinner at a rather elegant (but vaguely familiar) restaurant

and chose a sandwich stand on the street which was packed with locals instead. 50 cent bowls of soup and a spicey potato puff and meat sandwich.

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