Salona: Empty Ancient Ruins    

Image for Entry 1208547209 We walked through the rain to an Internet place. As we finished checking e-mail, it had cleared up so we decided to walk to Salona, some ruins we had seen from the road on our way back from Trogir.

It turned out to be a long walk down an unattractive industrial road. Finally we reached a small river and the town of Solin where the ruins are located. 1 km more brought us to a non-descript entrance and the large ruin of the Manastirine basilica and cemetery. The ruins were an early Christian complex as well as a Roman necropolis from the 1st century BC (though remnants have been found from the 2nd century BC).

The first Christian known to have been buried was Salona Salonitan bishop who was executed in the Salona amphitheater in 304 AD by Diocletian.

The ruins included walls, columns and sarcophagi.

Through a gate we realized the ruins complex was huge. There was another church ruins, baths, bridges, walls, more sarcophagi and the amphitheater where Diocles had Christians killed. The weather had cleared up nicely but perhaps because of the earlier rain, or the odd location, or the general lack of tourists, the ruins were almost empty.

Leaving the ruins, we walked by a small church on a hill.

As we had been walking to the ruins, Rowshan noticed a fortress up in the hills. There was a sign for Klis. We were going to take a bus to try to visit, but it was getting late (and we had no idea about the frequency of buses) so we headed back to town.

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