April through June: Hanging out in Istanbul    

I haven't really felt like writing a lot about Istanbul since I wrote so much about Istanbul when I lived here before (see http://www.tamia.org/istanbul ). We've basically spent most of our time catching up with friends, running errands (we now both have a full set of socks without any holes!), researching Central Asia and getting visas, wandering around, and spending an obscene amount of time stuck in traffic getting from one place to another. Rowshan, however, has been taking a lot of photos so we figured it would be good if we just posted an online photo album with photos and captions for your viewing pleasure.

Egyptian spice bazaar

Preparing fish sandwiches

Beyoglu recycling

A shoeshiner takes a nap

Fishing for pedestrians using 20 for bait

Day's catch on the Galata bridge

Beyazit prayer bead sellers

Aya Sofya

Blue mosque

Kadikoy ferry ride

View of Eminonu

Tophane Amire

Kilic Ali Pasa mosque in Tophane

Maiden's Tower in Uskudar

View of Sultanahmet from Uskudar

School boys playing a game of Uzun Eshek (Long Donkey)

Kilims drying near the city walls

Pigeons perched on a tree

Ortakoy mosque by Sinan

Istanbul bridge traffic

Fatih Mehmet Sultan bridge

Inside of Blue mosque courtyard

The New Mosque (Yeni Cami) in Eminonu

Sunset over Fener

Seaguls at dusk

Turkish soccer fans in Taksim square before Euro2008 quarter final match against Croatia

Turkish soccer fan showing his colors

Sunset over Golden Horn

Literary cat nap

View of Sultanahmet from Galata Tower

Hayderpasha train station

Drunk Beyoglu

Eminonu mosques

Eminonu ferry terminal

Irish session at the James Joyce

Irish session at the James Joyce

At the top of the Galata Tower

Cig (Chi) kofte party

Kebire and Rowshan

Tamia's birthday lucky bug (ugur bocegi cake)

Cilingoz Camping

Cilingoz camping music

Cilingoz camping relaxation time

Murat and Rowshan playing backgammon and smoking waterpipe

Pasha watching the street

Galata Tower from Eminonu

Juice seller in Beyazit square

Steeple and Minaret

Nusretiye minarets

Egyptian obelisk

Seagul begging for dog food

Galata Tower

Icecream seller in Beyoglu


World travelers

Golden Horn

Irish session at the James Joyce

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