Butterflies of Nepal    

I hadn't thought much about taking photos of butterflies until I came to Nepal. I noticed lots of beautiful ones in a restaurant's yard where our bus stopped for a break before getting to Pokhara. After that, I have been taking the photos of them whenever I can. In Nepal, I took a few of these photographs while trekking, but most were from day hikes around Pokhara. To name the butterflies, I used a small book written by Collin Smith who has spent 30 years collecting butterflies and written several books on the butterflies of Nepal. He donated an amazing collection of butterflies, from Nepal and other countries, to the Annapurna museum in Pokhara which I also used for identification. However, I am not an expert and may have made mistakes in identification. If you notice any, please comment.

Yellow Orange Tip

Delias pasithoe

The Great Orange Tip

Peacock Pansy

Red Admiral

Lemon Pansy

Yellow Sailer

Pieris canidia

Trimala Septentrionis

Trimala Septentrionis

Painted Jezebel

Papilio paris

Biblidinae Castors

Common Map

Danaid Eggfly (left) and Common Tiger (right)

Chliasa clytia

Indian Fritillary Female

Indian Fritillary Male

Common Evening Brown

Hill Sergeant


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Ann Lum - posted on 2/22/2009
Rowshan: I want note cards with using your butterfly photos!

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