Nepal to Thailand: From Mountains to Sea Level    

View of Himalayas including Everest from the airplane
The Thai airlines flight had good sized seats, flight attendants in beautiful silk outfits, a huge plane, and was practically empty. The food was great (Thai chicken curry) and they brought around extra bread, extra drinks and seconds for anyone who wasn't stuffed. Instead of peanuts, they served cashews. In addition to this, we got a free Everest flight included. OK it didn't go as close as the regular Everest flights but we flew next to the Himalayas and we could see Everest in the distance.

Flight attendants

Empty seats
Then the mountains disappeared and we flew over marsh, swamps, and river estuaries, probably Bangladesh, going from the highest mountains in the world to sea level.

low lands
Arriving in Bangkok was another, “Welcome to the 21st century” moment. The airport is new, shiny and modern with lots of lights and flashy advertisements as well as contemporary art as part of the décor.

The airport bus was air conditioned and also seemed new. We were whisked along a huge smooth highway past billboards and tall skyscrapers with frivolous lights-- company names and even a Saturn like ring. Off the highway, we went by rows of lit food stalls. Wow! Electricity everywhere!

Electricity, lights, and skyscrapers

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