Seafood Pancakes in Siem Reap    

Woman making seafood pancakes

Ben Chayi
While I was sick at the hotel, Rowshan found a great little stand across the river run by a woman and her daughters. He ate lunch and dinner there yesterday and took me there today.

We had Ben Chayi, which are crepes made from rice flour and tumeric, stuffed with pork, beansprouts, little shrimp, and served with lettuce, cucumbers, mint leaves and a sweet dipping sauce with ground peanuts. We also got fried spring rolls. The place is located 1 block N. of Wat Damnak (on the street running behind the wat). To get there from the Old Market, cross the bridge and walk a couple blocks. Look for the stand. They are open 2 -8 PM but closed Sundays. 2000 rs for pancake, 1000 per spring roll.

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