Luang Prabang: Another Rough Night    

Rooster determined to wake us up at 4 AM
Third night in Luang Prabang and third night without a decent night's sleep. The new hotel we moved into-- first of all-- seemed to have bugs. They didn't look like bed bugs and they might have been blown into the bed by the fan but the little flying ones bit and one crawling one did as well. We turned off the fan and used the AC but it seemed to just have one setting for the air: hurricane force. So I fluctuated between being hot and sweaty or frozen depending on if it was on or off. When I finally did sleep I dreamed there were leaches (the tropical jungle variety that get at you while hiking) in the bed and I had to pull the crawling worm things off me.

We woke up around 5 because there was a noise. I thought it was a mouse or some critter. Rowshan got up and shined my flashlight where the noise was coming from. It was actually the sound of water dripping from the ceiling from the bathroom upstairs, and hitting the wood floor. So we got up and moved our bags out of the way. We finally found someone from the family that owned the place and they gave us another room on the side of the house closest to the rooster farm. Finally I dozed off briefly. Both of us were tired and grouchy when we got up at 8 to get breakfast and start another hunt for a new hotel. Finally Rowshan found a place which we were happily able to sleep in for the duration of the rest of our stay in Luang Prabang.

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