Luang Prabang: Village of Mulberry Paper and Silk    

Paper lamps
There was quite a bit of rain last night. As we went out for dinner to our favorite phad thai maker, big drops of rain began to fall. As the phad thai girl started cooking our order it began to pour. A girl who was helping her quickly cleared off the containers of condiments-- ground peanuts, chili, limes, salt. A young guy who looked like he might be a bartender at the bar who was also waiting for his order held styrofoam take out containers over her head as an umbrella. She finished our order and as we sat in the covered area of a closed business across and ate, the rain stopped.

Making phad thai in the rain
Ban Sang Khong is a handicraft village on the other side of the Khan river. We walked through town passing some men working on a giant paper-mache boar. Crossing a bridge brought us to a road which alternated between muddy and dusty. At one house we noticed a guy making a large conical bamboo basket. Another older man was making brooms while the women were all busy embroidering cross stitch pieces.

Making a paper mache boar

The boar is almost finished

Man weaving a bamboo basket

Man making a broom

Road to Ban Sang Khong
We knew we'd arrived in the village when we saw screens with drying paper with leaves pressed into it in front of shops. There were also many textile shops with large looms and weaving areas. We stopped in one where I noticed some beautiful contemporary silk weavings. Outside there was a black kettle where silk was being boiled with dye. I looked at the pieces. The woman working in the shop was the designer-- occasionally she ran out to check the silk. Several women were weaving outside. The scarves and runners were dyed with natural dyes. The colors were silvery blues, golds, grass green ,and golds. She told me how the silk was Lao silk and all pieces were made in Laos (locally) She had weavers work on site but embroiderers and women who crocheted pieces worked elsewhere.

Mulberry leaf paper

Making candles

Making paper


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