Eating Well in Udomxai    

The road to Udomxai
We arrived in Udomxai after a trip which was windy but chicken-casualty free. I think this was because, judging from the rear view mirror decorations, was Buddhist. He slowed down and honked, letting the chickens scramble across the street. It was a trip through green mountains past wood and bamboo villages. Sometimes the driver would stop trying to find some more passengers (there were just 6 foreigners inside). At one village men were carving a drum from wood. There was a loom under one house where a woman was working.

Cute kid in Nong Khiaw before we left for Udomxai

Making a wooden drum
Udomxai is a dusty, rather unappealing town at first glance. But, when we climbed up a to a stupa, off the main street, the city dissolved into fields and tree covered mountains. But after the bus ride, we just managed to find dinner (perhaps the best restaurant in Laos), Souphailins Restaurant. They had great food and lovely presentation. They even managed to make a nice environment-- wood patio with potted plants, 1/2 a block away from the dusty street.

How to reheat sticky rice

The best restaurant in Laos

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