Chiang Rai: Water Flies, Waterfalls and the White Temple    

The White Temple
They are still throwing water. We rented a motorbike. While within the city we got a flat tire. The pickup trucks with water warriors were beginning to emerge. It's interesting how many wear cowboy hats. That and the yelling reminds me of hicks in the US-- driving around in pickups, hollerin' and wearing cowboy hats. They also wear bright colored aloha shirts reminiscent of ugly American tourist stereotypes. What does this all mean?

Drenched water warriors

We went to Khun Korn waterfall which was packed with people picnicking. The road up was a war zone. Most people honored our requests to not throw water but some didn't.

Crowded waterfall

The White Temple is a very interesting building with a bit of a whimsical feeling like an ice palace or wedding cake-- all silver and white. It even had silvery white fish in the reflecting pools. There was also some odd concrete art. In front of the bridge to the wat was an area full of hands reaching up-- one was even robotic. Some had a colored nail, some had coins people had placed. Distorted goblins were on either side of the bridge with melting faces-- eyeballs hanging below. Near the pool were silver and white animals and dragons. The roof had nagas and elephant/nagas. Inside had a gold Buddha and paintings-- rose colors on gold. It was a very unique building. It was a pleasant respite from being nailed by buckets of water.

Hand sculptures

Goblin sculpture

Ornate eves of the wat

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